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Dog mediation with Peanut

Our story of mutual love rescue

Five years ago, we met at a dog shelter.
Peanut is a Tervueren, out of the family of Belgian shepherds born on 09/15/2015. At the beginning of his life he wasn't very lucky.

At the age of three months he merely became a Christmas present, a superb plush toy that entertained no more than five weeks, he did stupid things like any baby. The plush is peeing and pooping and wanting to go out and it is dark and cold in the winter. So that's enough ... SPA.

Médiation canine Peanut When he was four months old he found himself at the shelter, then someone from the dog squad noticed him.

Peanut is tall, imposing, he is then enlisted in the Police to become an explosives and plastic detection dog. This person insists that Peanut to be a dog that attacks, but Peanut refuses collaboration.
He hates pressure and meanness, as requested he obeys to attack and attacks the one who mistreats him.

He will be exempted from the Police and taken to the SPA with a ferocious and nasty mention destined for destruction. He cannot stand life in a box and stress and becomes aggressive and no longer has faith in people.

He is waiting his day to be euthanized.

At this time I have a blood cancer, stade 4, Game Over for me too, I am also doomed to die.
This day, not wanting to do my errands but wanted to meet somebody, I stop at the SPA to meet somebody.

Seeing Peanut I understood that he is my dog, he is big, supposedly ferocious, etc.
I said I'm taking all the time to find out how it works and no more than two weeks later we said to ourselves: "Come, I'll save your life and you will save mine".

I did my studies after my chemotherapy and I became a Pyscho-Somato-Therapist and Peanut is a born therapist himself. Ever since we live and work together.
Peanut does canine mediation work with children with behavioral and affective disorders, autistic children or children with mental or physical disabilities.
The youngest child was 18 months old with whom he interacts in the game.

Peanut consults upon appointment outside in the nature or at the child's place to respect the framework of the child.