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Getting to know me...

My Background

My name is Joachim Klimkeit, I'm a psychotherapist and a somato-therapist of French-German origin and have lived in France for several decades. I have also lived in Germany and the United States and have worked in Italy.
I speak four languages fluently as a result of my international background:
French, English, German and Italian.

My journey

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and had no hope of survival.
Fortunately, thanks to the miraculous hands of a caring surgeon who saved me from certain death, I survived and after a one-year stay in hospital, I pulled through.
Four years later I was diagnosed with stage four blood cancer which unfortunately was Hodgkin's disease. After a tough year of chemotherapy treatments, I was well again and able to start a new life.
I started studying psychology at the end of my medical treatment at the European Institute of Applied Psychology (IEPA) where I studied psychology, art-therapy and hypnosis. IEPA has met indeed all my requirements: the guarantee of complete teaching of the subject and a diploma recognized by the RNCP (Title and diplôme recognized according conventions of EU members).

In 2005 I also studied Psycho-Somato-therapy in Montpellier with Nathalie Alvarez for two years at the École du Corps Conscience. This discipline offers healing of the body and the mind, by focusing on the part of the body that is suffering. These are in fact therapeutic touch techniques that involve relaxation massage combined with a prior therapeutic interview.

I can offer therapy in four languages: French, English, German and Italian.

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Oncology: Therapeutical assistance prior, during & after chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is typically proposed following a cancer diagnosis. Following treatment, once you get home, you may feel as if you've hit a wall: you find it hard to speak and feel as though you can't think anymore. Chemotherapy is such a taboo subject in our society that it can be difficult to find help.

Having personally experienced this journey of diagnosis, adaptation of medical devices and chemotherapy in my own body for over a year, I am well equipped to understand what you are going through. I can therefore accompany you throughout the chemotherapy process, both physically and mentally, so that you may experience it as smoothly as possible.