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Somatotherapy - Massage therapy
Art-therapy - Hypnosis
Dog mediation
06 48 02 45 10 contact@lesmauxadire.fr At HOME or remote session
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There's no hazard,
there are only appointments.
Paul Eluard


For further information or to make an appointment, please contact me by phone +33(0) 6 48 02 45 10, or by mail at contact@lesmauxadire.fr or by filling in the contact form below:

I do therapy in French, English, German and Italian
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PayPal is now available

Paypal paymentFor remote sessions, payment by PayPal is available with my email address: contact@lesmauxadire.fr or directly here: paypal.me/lesmauxadire.
The payment of the session whether it is a workshop or a therapy session shall arrive before the session starts.