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You're on the right track when you don't feel like looking back.
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Hypnotherapist in Mougins

We all enter, on a daily basis and several times a day, into a state of hypnosis, without even realising it!
Hypnotherapy helps find hidden or perhaps forgotten resources in order to improve an emotional state, which currently can seem to limit you.

Ericksonian hypnosis aims to help you regain energy and the ability to see things from a different perspective, and thus overcome the blockages that keep you in a pattern of behaviour that you would like to change.

Hypnosis uses access to the subconscious to solve a problem. This access to the unconscious is impossible in a normal state.
The hypnotic state allows access to our inner resources, in order to open a way to see life and problems from new angles, and thus to induce positive changes thereafter.
You are and will be the master of your destiny, and you will be even more aware of it afterwards.

The benefits of hypnosis