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Do good to your body so that
your soul can flourish there.
You are light.
Indian proverb
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Somato-therapist in Mougins

Many of us have already experienced a trauma or an internal conflict, or experienced things so strongly that they were instantly repressed because they were too brutal to handle.
When the repression of expression continues and there is no action or reaction, then the body begins to "speak". Depending on the feeling that has been repressed, the corresponding organ will manifest itself: for example, via skin rashes, coughing, a dysfunction within the body or organ related to the expressive repression.

Soma in ancient Greek, means the body. The goal of somatotherapy is to reconnect the soul to the body by touching the part of the body that is in pain.

There are several massage techniques that can help you become more aware of your body and the emotional blockages embedded in it because mind and body are two sides of the same coin. It is not just about well-being, but rather identifying and eliminating psychological problems that are already linked to the body and can lead to physical pain.
Thus, by reconnecting the body to the soul, the somatotherapist is a guide to healing ailments and the spirit.

Being able to use words to highlight ailments is essential to access the path to recovery.
An initial therapeutic interview is necessary in order to identify the problem, which will then enable reconnecting of the mind to the body and thus pacify the ailments of the soul.

The different massage techniques

Massages include other methods such as:

The benefits of somatotherapy