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Ailments of the body are the words of the soul.
Thus, one should not heal the body without seeking to heal the soul.
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How do you express what you cannot say?

Do you suffer from ailments such as neck pain, sore-throat or backache?
These ailments could originate from a psychological disorder...

Les maux à dire merely means: "Ailments to say".
How to express something you cannot put into words but the body will express.
Any of us can suffer from ailments of the body, whether occasional or chronic and sometimes disabling.
Discomfort is often first manifested by changing moods, followed by body ailments such as back pain and or lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain in addition to a sore-throat.

Often the root of this pain is trauma or an unresolved internal conflict that has simply been "buried" then settles in the body in connection with oppressed resentment such as anger or fear.
Therapy can be the lever which opens healing pathways to the body and soul.

A modern Psycho-Somatotherapy approach to heal body and soul

In order to offer support I employ a multidisciplinary modern therapeutic approach.
Hypnosis, art-therapy, somatotherapy and symbolism in addition to psychotherapy enable me to accompany you through every stage of your therapy.

The goal of therapy is to initiate a change in behavior and perception of your life.
This approach allows you to move forward to overcome your problem and to learn to live with it in a positive way.
The support I offer is done with respect to the rhythm of each individual, to advance serenely on the road to the healing of the wound.

My commitment is to allow you to achieve a mental balance, while respecting your values, and adapting to your situation: because you are both precious and unique.

An initial meeting is the first step towards change!

Why the robin redbreast? Discover its symbolism...

He is called "the fire bird", he is also called "the little king". He is a Divine Gift, a sign of support from heaven. He announces good news or a personal situation, which will settle.
The robin redbreast also announces evolution of the person, where one will know regeneration in his or her way of life and system of thoughts.

The robin redbreast symbolizes well being, the unprecedented and also self-expression.
He tells you that it is time for you to shine and be renewed as a person. The Robin Redbreast embodies sympathy and attracts happiness while validating your faith and filling your heart with love.