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Turn yourself towards the sun and shine bright,
the shadow will be behind you.
Maori saying
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Psychotherapist in Mougins

Psychotherapy is a support method based on verbal expression. The therapist is present to accompany you throughout the therapy. It serves as a guide, to which you can confide your fears, your anxieties and your phobias.

With your therapist you go back to the origin of your blockages, anxieties and fears. Which are the potential causes of your problems. This method allows you to open up and accept the past, to better live the present moment and thus, to see your future differently.
Understanding and accepting your past helps you move forward in life. It is a process of healing and well-being, in order to put in place a suitable behaviour to progress in your life.
Engaging in therapy brings about a positive change in your behaviour and perception.

Making an appointment is a first step towards change.

The benefits of psychotherapy