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When the caterpillar thought it was all over,
it turned into a beautiful butterfly.
The strength is inside of you.
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What is symbolism?

Symbolism is a powerful tool that resembles hypnosis, giving access to our internal world, which is both immense and unlimited.
Themes covered by symbolism: imagination, mystery, the sub-conscious, dreams, the discovery of another world behind the world or the senses.

Symbolism amplifies your feelings, inviting a voyage into our internal realm, to reconnect or revisit previous times of your life. As with hypnosis, it makes it possible to alter those situations in order to make them more acceptable, using metaphors accessing our dreams.
Symbolism holds unbounded power and depth in therapy work.
It takes into account the way that symbols and archetypes act in the psyche, to relieve, rebalance and gain a better understanding and so improve the patient's well-being.

The benefits of symbolism